To be a GOP presidential candidate, you have to stop believing in global warming

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Al Gore

If you want to be taken seriously as a Republican, you have to hate science. All four major Republican candidates (counting Chris Christie, and no Palin), have abandoned previously held beliefs that humans are causing global warming. In fact, denying the scientific basis for global warming is pretty much Republican orthodoxy

Conservatives are responsible for a nationwide decline in belief in global warming; now less than half of Americans believe in human-caused global warming, down from almost seventy percent a few years ago. And, the decline occurred pretty much 100% among Republicans. 

Chris Christie, New Jersey Governor (and in the eyes of many, a very strong candidate for the nomination) just opted his state out of a cap-and-trade agreement last week. And Pawlenty, Daniels, and Gingrich have all shunned cap-and-trade deals they previously supported. None, by the way, have cited any change in scientific evidence for the shift. 

Predictably, it's Gingrich who is the most absurd. Gingrich once ran the environmental-studies program at Georgia College, and just a few years ago, appeared with Nancy Pelosi in national ads calling for greenhouse-gas-emission reductions. Now, he not only has stopped believing that, he's calling for abolishing the EPA altogether.