GOP pundit calls out Obama for eating dog meat

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Barack and Bo Obama

It looks like team Romney might finally have a little ammo in the political battle over SeamusGate: conservative pundit Jim Treacher dug up a passage from Dreams from My Father in which President Obama recalls eating dog, snake, and grasshopper meat as a small child in Indonesia. "Say what you want about Romney," says Treacher, "but at least he only put a dog on the roof of his car, not the roof of his mouth." Zing! 

Now, some people might argue that a child under the age of ten simply eating what his stepfather presented to him is far less alarming than a grown man strapping a terrified dog to the roof of a car for fourteen hours, but no use quibbling over details here. Not when the Romney campaign finally has a way to impugn the President's formerly impeccable prowess as a dog owner.

And, because everyone was clearly waiting with bated breath for this, PETA has chimed in on the matter: 

"A child has an excuse," said a spokesperson, "but grownups all should know by now the disgusting condition of slaughterhouses and fear and suffering that animals endure on factory farms and try a vegetarian diet that's good for them, animals, and the environment."

In other words, we can all just go back to being quietly disappointed with everyone involved. Get back to me when someone kicks a puppy and really spices things up.