Group puts up billboards in NY to attack GOP senators for for same-sex marriage vote

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People say the political system in this country is broken, and that it's no longer about free-flowing ideas or debate, but largely about who has enough diaphragm power to keep screaming their party line until the other guy passes out. These people are largely right. Today's example: The National Organization for Marriage is placing billboards in the districts of four New York GOP senators who voted to legalize gay marriage in June.

"Roy McDonald, You're Fired," proclaims the first Albany-area billboard, with not one, but three tasteful exclamation points. The NOM plans to put up three more billboards in the districts of other GOP senators.

"This is not going to end," NOM President Brian Brown said. He said the group is spending around $40,000 on the billboards, which seems about right for a shrill, obnoxious assault on the political process. Of course, that's far less than the $150,000 the group spent in July on mailings that went to voters in gay-marriage-supporting senators' districts.

"This is what the campaign is going to be from here on out," Brown said. "We are not going to rest until the people of this state get a vote." The group, and most opponents of New York's same-sex marriage law, are hoping for force a statewide referendum on the issue.

The first chunk of that quote might as well refer to the future of politics in America. As with climate change, it apparently doesn't matter what your personal views on same-sex marriage are. It's about the party, and the party is always right. And should you step outside the party's line on a given topic, apparently you'll find yourself the target of a nearly $200,000 attack campaign by a special interest group.

It's really not surprising, just… depressing. Fall into line, children, or else you won't be allowed to play Senator.