Half of GOPers believe birther rumors; even Karl Rove thinks that’s scary

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Karl Rove

Karl Rove, the Republican strategist, has weighed in on the recent flurry of birther activism (or whatever the hell it is). Unsurprisingly, he thinks they're stupid, and urges everyone in the GOP to encourage the birthers to shut up

I say "unsurprisingly" because, despite his political views, Rove is obviously a pretty smart guy (he got Bush elected twice). From a strategic perspective, allowing a totally baseless rumor to get too high a profile risks making the entire Republican Party look like a bunch of 9/11-was-a-government-plot-style loonies. 

Birthers — the group of people who continue to make the case that Barack Obama was not born in this country — somehow landed back in the spotlight after a recent poll suggested that fifty-one percent of people likely to vote Republican in the next election believe the President was not born in this country.

In what might be considered irony, that statistic inspired me to seek out my closest relation (a Polish grandmother? Dutch great-uncle?) who was not born inside this country, so I can start planning my escape.