Head of Fox News makes fun of Soledad O’Brien’s name

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Roger Ailes

Fox News chief Roger Ailes made fun of Soledad O'Brien's name in a Q&A at a speech at UNC… or, at least, that's what everyone is saying. Specifically, he randomly called Soledad O'Brien, "the girl that's named after a prison," a statement that, at least for me, raises more questions than answers. 

For instance, is that even an insult? Or just a less than flattering comparison? Does it have to be a slur, since Soledad is half Cuban and Ailes is white? If Soledad called Roger "that douchebag named after a pirate flag," would anyone care?

And then there's the bigger question: why? It's clearly not true — people don't name their kids after prisons. Is it that, in some strange part of his lizard brain, Ailes can't stand all the negative press being given to Hilary Rosen (who, if you read the news, you might know as "that crazed lesbian who completely destroyed the Democratic Party and Obama's political future")? Like, he knew he should be happy, but he felt perversely jealous, not being at the center of the latest "scandalous" lamestream clusterfuck?

Of course, it turns out that Soledad O'Brien's parents didn't name her after a prison; they named her after the Virgin Mary, because they met each other at Mass. You know, samesies. 

In order to ensure we'd have a diversity of talking points, Ailes also said he'd never hire Newt Gingrich, and defended Fox News' "alternative point of view" by telling the audience not to wet their pants over it, like a bunch of big fat real-fact-demanding babies