Here’s the only perfect GOP-based anti-Obama attack ad you’re going to see

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I'm not going to try to disguise my political leanings to account for some vague reporting rule that you must offer equal time for opposing opinions. I lean way more left than right when it comes to who I support. This is mostly due to the fact that a large portion of those on the right spend a large portion of their time attacking the rights of women and homosexuals because a 2,000-year-old document tells them to.

And it's not like you can say that these socially conservative opinions are a small part of their platforms — in most cases, the candidates put these idiotic ideas front-and-center in their advertisements: Rick Perry saying that gays are murdering Christmas (or something like that) while wearing the jacket from Brokeback Mountain; Michelle Bachmann comparing herself to Tim Tebow; or Rick Santorum saying something about anything, ever. As far as GOP political ads are concerned, each one is worse than the next. 

But this one that was spied by the great Copyranter; well, I have to tip my hat to it.

The message is simple and effective, attacking without resorting to scare tactics and fear-mongering, and without a single mention of the divisive religious-based opinions that have no reason to be part of the national discussion.

Apparently these sticker ads have been popping up in airport bathrooms across the country. There's no word as to who exactly is behind it — Copyranter's post mentions it being Mitt Romney, but the writing at that site is generally more tongue-in-cheek than actual reporting — though whoever is behind them gets accolades from this left-leaning liberal. Not enough to actually come out and vote for whoever it is, but, still.