Herman Cain refers to Nancy Pelosi as “princess”

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During the GOP debates Wednesday night, Herman Cain referred to House minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) as "Princess" in response to a question about health-care reform. When asked about his plan if the Affordable Care Act was repealed, Cain replied, "Legislation has already been written: [Rep. Tom Price's] HR 3000… we didn't hear about it in the previous Congress, because Princess Nancy sent it to committee and it stayed there." The remark drew applause and laughter from the audience, all of whom were probably well-aware that it's unacceptable to call a grown woman — not to mention a former Speaker of the House — princess, unless she is Kate Middleton and/or a drag queen and/or the main character in a Disney movie.

Cain has been scaling the heights of douchebaggery for the past few weeks, what with the sexual-harassment allegations (which prompted boos from the audience when moderator Maria Bartiromo mentioned them during the debate), his spluttering defenses against said allegations, and the profoundly uncomfortable campaign ads that are more effective at curbing tobacco usage than anything ever put out. But this crack against Pelosi pretty much confirms that he's reached the apex. NB: if you're busy trying to prove that you're not a sexist creep, it's probably best not to say something creepy and sexist on television.