Herman Cain releases uncomfortably up-close-and-personal campaign ad

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Herman Cain's campaign has been an epic of oddity, really — from his surprising status as momentary front-runner to his daily self-contradictions to his, uh, pizza-influenced covers of John Lennon songs. And this campaign ad is no different. Starring Cain's chief of staff Mark Block, it's got more uncomfortable close-ups than a visit to a new gynecologist (assuming here) and all the speech patterns of a sleepy wino. "Look into Mark Block's gentlemanly mustache, America," it seems to whisper, "and see the future of what this country can be." So yeah, it's all pretty weird.

And then, just when you think it's over and you've seen the worst, Herman Cain's face fills the frame, a dead smile rising weakly like the undercooked dough on a Godfather's Super Taco pizza.

Herman Cain: front runner in the race for president of my nightmares since October 2011.