Herman Cain sees memoir crack Amazon top 10 list, also tied with Romney in poll

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After weathering some recent hurtful remarks, presidential contender Herman Cain has pressed on as Cain haters have had to eat a little karmic crow. The former big cheese at Godfather's Pizza (they make you a pie that you can't refuse?) has seen his memoir, This is Herman Cain, ascend to the Amazon top-ten bestseller list as he rides a surge of popularity. Hardcover editions of the book sold out of stores on Friday, leading to an increase in e-book purchases.

The Cainiacs who voted in droves, allowing their guy to win the Sep. 24 Florida straw poll, must be pleasantly surprised to see Cain tied at seventeen percent with presumptive nominee Mitt Romney for the lead in a CBS News poll released on Tuesday. The Cain bounce, though, appears to be largely a by-product of Rick Perry's fall from favor. Tea Partiers shifted their allegiances from Michele Bachmann, to Perry, and now, Cain, and soon may have to hold their noses and get behind Romney. With Chris Christie being forced to hold a press conference to announce that he doesn't want all the love to dissipate by jumping in the race has prior commitments to New Jersey and will not be running for president, the GOP nomination is now Romney's to lose.