Herman Cain’s 404 Error page the best part of his campaign

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Rather than spend this valuable time together recapping the ups-and-downs (mostly downs) of the rollercoaster ride that's been the Cain Train, let's just say that Herman Cain's campaign has been, to be kind, a bit of a mess. But say what you will about it  — and we certainly have — at least it hasn't been the snooze-fest of a Jon Huntsman or a Rick Santorum. At the very least, he's been keeping us on our toes to see how next he'll shoot himself in the foot.

But there is something cute and endearing about the man, one that extends all the way to the 404 Error page on his website. Check it out:

It's a perfect encapsulation of Cain's politics: attack Obama's policies in overly-broad phrases without going into details or specifics, give potential votes no actual solutions besides "get to work" and "figure it out yourself," and be loose and funny whenever possible. If he keeps on doing the third, I can overlook the first two. Until, you know, it's time to actually vote.