Herman Cain’s 999 plan shockingly similar to tax code in SimCity 4

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Since the invention of Tetris, real people have been inspired by computer games. Like, for instance, that sexy lady terrorist who tried to steal the Washington Monument a few years back, or those courageous men in uniform who risked their lives to protect our nation from Nazi zombies and prostitutes

Yet no man has ever been brave enough to build his presidential campaign around a computer game: no man, that is, but GOP candidate/former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain. According to the Huffington Post, Cain's much-publicized 999 tax code — which would entail 9 percent corporate income, 9 percent personal income, and 9 percent national sales tax rates — is shockingly similar to the tax plan in Maxis's SimCity 4, where residents must pay the same amount for commercial, industrial and residential taxes. 

Rich Lowrie, the investment advisor who came up with 999 for Cain's campaign, has yet to comment on the similarities between his idea and the game (though his receptionist told HuffPo that Lowrie's "not much of a gamer"). Still, it'd be pretty awesome if the other GOP candidates followed Cain's example; the debates would be a lot more exciting with Mitt Romney promising to create jobs by building dinosaur theme parks, or Rick Perry pledging to resolve the economic crisis by changing our currency to Simoleons.