Herman Cain’s tax plan loses a 9, continues to suck for poor people

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Herman Cain

Herman Cain's continued lead in the GOP field is taking everyone by surprise — even Herman Cain. The longer Cain's inexplicable lead continues (and he just won yet another straw poll in Nevada) the clearer it becomes that he's really not prepared for this gig. 

Take, for example, his much-touted (and possibly SimCity-inspired) tax plan, the 9-9-9. It sounds great — it's numerical, symmetrical, easy to remember — and it turns out to be bad news for just about everyone. After Cain refused to name the analysts who aided in the development of the plan, some real economists actually broke it down. At the bottom, I've included a helpful graph of the plan's effects, courtesy of The Rachel Maddow Show. If you don't have the energy to analyze it, it's pretty simple: poor people lose a lot of money, and rich people gain a lot of money. 

In light of this research, Cain's team of mad economist scientists went back to the drawing board and decided to drop a 9, for the poorest Americans. Which means that if you're at or below the poverty level, you won't pay income tax.

Same symmetry, same jazzy title, and now a token gesture to poor people. The millions of dollars in savings for the very rich and general tax hikes for middle-income folks, of course, remain intact. 

Never have I been more excited for a Mitt Romney renaissance. 

Herman Cain's tax plan 999


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