Hillary Clinton parties in Colombia, may be our coolest Secretary of State

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Hillary Clinton

Looks like Hillary Clinton just got invited to hundreds of dinner parties, galas, cook-outs, bachelorette parties, and bar mitzvahs the world over. After professing her love for the awesome Texts from Hillary just last week, Clinton was spotted dancing and knocking back brewskis in Colombia. Meaning that stop number two on the "Check it out guys, I'm totally chill" tour has been a wild success.

Clinton and Obama were in Cartagena, Colombia for the Summit of the Americas this weekend, and Clinton decided to hit up Cafe Havana last night. While I'm a little mad at Obama for denying the world a photo of him and Hills shaking it (or video, since, given his crooning proclivities, he would probably be singing Pitbull, too), the result was still pretty amazing. Marvel at Clinton's moves above, and witness her drinking with the determination and focus of Ernest Hemingway below.

Basically, all I want for Christmas this year is a kick-ass brunch with Hillary Clinton and Meryl Streep. Who should I speak to about making that happen?

Hillary Clinton 2