Where were you when you heard the news about Osama bin Laden's death? Myself, I was camping in the hills of Tennessee. It was a good place, because I could process the info on my own, deciding in the end that his execution was deserved and inevitable but not something I was going to celebrate. (If you'd like to rage about that thought, by the way, go here.) But my reaction doesn't matter. You know whose does, though? Hillary Clinton, our female Secretary of State. I bet she had, like, emotions about it, right? She's a woman, after all. She probably had all the emotions, which is why she was covering her mouth with her hand in this now iconic Situation Room photo:

Of course, because we live in a weird terrible place, Clinton was asked to explain why she had an emotional response to the death of a man who coordinated the worst attack on United States soil since Pearl Harbor. Don't worry, everyone: it was just allergies. As she told the AP:

I am somewhat sheepishly concerned that it was my preventing one of my early spring allergic coughs... So, it may have no great meaning whatsoever.

How many different ways does this exhaust me? (So many.) My first thought is: own your shit, Hill! If you want to cover your face, cover it. You've been rocking your job, so do what you want. But my second, bigger thought is: who the fuck cares that Clinton covered her mouth while watching the execution of Osama bin Laden? Go report an actual story.

Commentarium (12 Comments)

May 05 11 - 1:55pm

Wow. Interpreting Clinton's gesture as sympathetic to bin Laden is so stupid I think I just lost IQ points by reading about it.

May 05 11 - 1:56pm

When I saw it, I just figured she was coughing.

May 05 11 - 3:03pm

I'm still not sure what this story is about or whatever.

May 05 11 - 4:49pm

Well, she's wearing black inside. She is showing sympathy for Bin Laden's death by wearing black!!! Let's go accuse her!

Gees people...

May 05 11 - 6:34pm

I thought they flashed up pictures of Monica Lewinsky and Eleanor Mondale.

May 05 11 - 7:43pm

Here I was thinking it was strange that she was the only one covering her mouth. Pretty sure if people are even dying in MOVIES I cover my mouth like that!

May 06 11 - 5:13am

I just thought she was surprised to see Osama get 2 in the temple...like ANYONE would be. I mean, if your about to see some major shit go down, like the biggest most major shit this century, there's nothing wrong with looking anxious....shes not German, you know.

May 07 11 - 7:59pm

Two in the temple? Maybe in the movies. The forehead is where it's at, baby. If not, the eye socket will work.

May 06 11 - 12:23pm

That guy behind the General looks like John Lithgow

May 07 11 - 7:59pm

I think it was a picture of her from behind. You can see it in her eyes: "My ass is REALLY that big?"

May 09 11 - 12:51pm

I actually really love her expression in this photo, along with Obama's. Those are two sides of the same very intense coin, if you ask me. Those are the two expressions I could most easily imagine myself having in those circumstances. Coughing or not, she doesn't look sad, or horrified; she looks -intense- which is absolutely appropriate.

Jun 12 11 - 11:25am

What a joy to find such clear tnhiking. Thanks for posting!