Hipsters don’t care about Obama anymore

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young Barack Obama

After briefly shaking off their customary apathy to get excited about the 2008 elections, hipsters are now basically over the whole Obama thing, according to the New York Observer. A new feature in the Observer cites an artist named Gadi, and his inspiring election-season tale:

He was doing some Obama-inspired stenciling in the East Village one evening for another revuelike fund-raiser when a young filmmaker named Annie Woods came up to him and said, "Those are super rad. Can I buy some off of you?" Ms. Woods and her sister had covered their Volvo station wagon from bumper to bumper with Obama bumper stickers, and the two ended up driving something they called "The Bama Bus," a Vanagon likewise covered in Obama stickers, across the country, setting up stenciling stations along the way.

The heartwarming story of grassroots political involvement comes to a crashing halt, however, when Gadi explains that "It's going to be impossible to recreate that moment," and drops some heavy self-written song lyrics to boot:

 “The system is broke and they all promised to fix it/I’m tired of that joke, wish I still believed it/If we are the ones we’ve been waiting for/Then why are we waiting for something more?”

Indeed. I'm not sure how much of a trend this is, considering that if polls are to be believed, everyone is over the whole Obama thing right now. Either way, something to ponder next time you're canvassing in Williamsburg.