Hollywood photographer does a UC Davis themed photo shoot

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This is really not okay

The Hollywood photographer who conceived Mischa Barton with raw meat on her faceLindsay Lohan the blood-gorged starlet, and the concept of "flirty domestic violence," has decided to turn the lens on police brutality with a new UC Davis pepper-spraying cop-themed photo shoot. 

Tyler Shields, who's apparently somewhat of an "it" boy in the Hollywood photography scene and therefore automatically cleared to do anything he wants, staged this shoot with some amazon blondes spraying London riot police in the face to (sexily) condemn the abuse of UC Davis students earlier this month.

Shields says he's gotten some harsh criticism for the shoot, titled "Occupied," but he's done a good job of diffusing it. Like this little caper:

"One particularly angry email came from a real-life cop. 'He was just basically like, 'You're disgusting, I can't believe you would do this. This kind of stuff actually happens on the job.'' So Shields wrote back. Something along the lines of, 'I'm not actually telling girls to dress up in lingerie and go beat up the police, nor could they if they wanted to. It's a representation.' He says that calmed the officer down. According to Shields, the response email read, 'I guess if I had to be mased, I wouldn't mind being mased by those girls [sic].'" 

As for the shoot itself, Shields made every effort to keep things as authentic as possible. Get this: apparently those models are spraying actual pepper spray. Why?

"We looked into what it would be like to make fake pepper spray," says Shields. "But there was no way to to do it."

Really? With all the Hollywood special effects hoopla out there, you couldn't find a way to make bright yellow mist come out of a can? I hope those models have gained a greater appreciation for the struggles of the 99%.