Huntsman attacks Romney, continues his streak of weird motocross-themed ads

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John Huntsman and Mitt Romney

The Jon Huntsman campaign is out with a confusing new ad that’s meant to criticize the economic track-record of Mitt Romney — by pointing out that when he was governor, Utah was number one in job creation, while Massachusetts was forty-seventh. A compelling statistic… that Huntsman chooses to present via a total train wreck of mixed metaphors.  

The ad has two themes: a sad dirty baseball glove (or a mitt! Get it?) and an awesome guy riding a motocross bike. I think what Huntsman is trying to say is that job creation is like a baseball game, Mitt sucks at baseball, and Huntsman is too good at maneuvering a really cool motorbike through the mountains of Utah to even care. If you needed any more convincing, the sad baseball Mitt keeps getting dirtier in every shot.   

“Beneath the razzle and dazzle, numbers never lie,” Huntsman says. Which doesn't keep Huntsman’s new ad from being one of the most confusing political jabs yet.

Looks like the fight between these fairly equal middle-of-the road conservatives will have to be settled on the field. Or trail. Or something.