Illinois State Senator nails gay marriage hypocrites with stunning speech

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Senator Hendon speaks about civil unions

Last week, the Illinois legislature passed an historic civil-unions bill, giving gays nearly equal rights in the state. While legalized gay marriage would have obviously been preferable, it was seen as surprising that politicians were willing to take up the fight anywhere with such a huge conservative backlash going on.

If you want to thank someone for standing up for our civil rights, you could start with Senator Rickey R. Hendon of the 5th District. Hendon gave a speech that was so good, someone posted it to YouTube in the hope that it would shut down the bigots and other naysayers. Will it work?

(By the way, Pat Quinn is the Democratic Governor. Some are wary of supporting him because he assumed office thanks to Blago's impeachment.)

Senator Hendon may be turning fifty-seven tomorrow, but his political career is just getting started.