Iowa Republicans still believe Obama is a Muslim

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Obama being sworn in

On Hannity the other night, go-to pollster Frank Luntz presided over a focus group of Iowa Republican caucus-goers, asking them questions about their reaction to Bill O'Reilly's Super Bowl interview with President Obama. One woman said that the president's foreign policy is governed by his religious beliefs. When Luntz asked her what she thought those beliefs were, she responded, "I believe that he is a Muslim." Luntz then followed that up by asking the rest of the group how many shared that belief. About a dozen people, representing half the group, raised their hands.

Other focus group members thought his religious belief was "liberalism, the most intolerant religion of all," seeming as if they'd been personally handpicked by Hannity himself. Another woman thought it quite possible that Obama is Muslim, "even though he says he is Christian." The point that seems to be lost in the brainwashing is that there's nothing inherently wrong with being a Muslim. It seems that these people need to be taught that not only is the president's middle name being used as a propagandistic tool, but also, not all Muslims are trying to knock down our buildings.