Iran bans an actress from the country for life for appearing nude in a film

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In a strictly un-cool move by the Iranian Government, actress Golshifteh Farahani has been banned from returning to her home country of Iran for appearing nude in a film. Farahani appeared topless (for, like, three seconds) in the French short Corps et Âmes and subsequently is never allowed to go back home. The film features a line of actors slowly getting undressed —  no sex, no gore — just boobies.

"The way I was treated and the mistrust that I received from certain officials lead to my heartbreak," said Farahani in a BBC interview about the incident. Understandably so; imagine if everyone who has appeared naked onscreen in America was banned from the country. Hollywood would be a ghost town. 

Farahani made her Iranian film debut at the age of six, and quickly rose to fame by the time she was fourteen. Some called her decision to appear in the film "shameless," while others praised her bravery: "Those whose pride is hurt should stop being so zealous and enjoy the artistic beauty of this courageous girl," read a tweet by Amir Fakhravar.

According to The Telegraph, Farahani's accompanying nude Facebook pictures received thousands of comments the within hours of being posted — but who wouldn't comment on a picture of boobs?