Is this the “election-changing” video of Obama teased by Andrew Breitbart?

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Has Andrew Breitbart's last big scoop (according to him and his people) been scooped? Maybe: the good folks over at Buzzfeed have posted a video of President Obama which they believe to be the very same one Breitbart promised would "change this election." Not much was known about the clip, except that it took place during Obama's time at Harvard and would prove how racial division is (supposedly) central to his entire mission as president. The video, which was acquired from a Boston TV station, shows a young Obama — who looks fine and sounds exactly the same — speaking at a protest for increased diversity among the faculty of Harvard Law School:

Weird — "scandalous support for racial division" sounds a lot like "addressing race in any way while black" to me.

The protest was organized after Prof. Derrick Bell, the first black tenured professor at Harvard Law, threatened to take a leave of absence after tenure was denied to another black professor, Regina Austin. He said he would continue the leave until a black woman was offered and accepted tenure at the school; he even added a hunger strike to the effort. Obama's support was important for the protest, as he was the first black president of the Law Review. His speech is pretty much like the ones he gives today: engaging, a little bit funny, with a look toward unity over radical conflict. Dun-dun-dun! and what have you.

No one at has come out and said that this is indeed the tape their late founder was talking about, but they did accuse the people at Buzzfeed of selectively editing the film to put Obama in a better light. (They also brought back the specter of Jeremiah Wright. Is that really still a thing?) They've promised to release the "full tape" tonight on The Sean Hannity Show. I'm going to bet that whatever Obama says on the longer cut, I won't find shocking, upsetting, or in any way out of line. Unfortunately, I bet that a lot of Fox News viewers will. Of course, it's not like they liked the man to begin with.