It was bound to happen: “Shit Mitt Romney Says”

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An inevitable meme for the inevitable Republican nominee: there is now a "Shit Mitt Romney Says" video in the world. This one's slightly different than the rest, though, since instead of a parody, this is comprised of actual clips of Romney saying ridiculous shit. It was also released by a liberal super-PAC called American Bridge 21st Century.

Though he's actually not as hyper-quotable as, say, a Michelle Bachmann or a Rick Perry, the end result is still pretty entertaining. Highlights include his offer of a $10,000 bet to Perry during a debate, jokes about both his "unemployment" and his love of firing people, and that time he inexplicably made a "Who Let the Dogs Out" reference just because he was around a group of black people. Oh, Mitt. Every time you try to act like a normal, you just make the class disparity worse! Let this be a lesson to you.

Presumably, this is just a harbinger of many political "Shit X Person Says" videos to come. Shit Obama Says! Shit Santorum Says! Shit Liberals Say! Shit Conservatives Say! Shit Fox News Pundits Say! Shit your mom says about politics! Are you ready for a fresh onslaught of this un-killable meme? If not, brace yourselves, because according to the algorithms that govern the internet, this is an event that must come to pass.