Jackie O. was surprisingly catty, new tapes reveal

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Jackie O

It's always shocking and vaguely disappointing when famous people turn out to be real people, so in general it's my policy to look the other way and continue thinking of them as mythical, unattainable creatures. But when "being a real person" constitutes a beloved and sugary sweet figure like, say, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, talking tons of shit about world-famous acquaintances in an unreleased interview, I'm into it. 

A series of interviews she gave in 1964 is being released for the first time in a new book titled Jackie O., and the former first lady really didn't hold back. Highlights include her referring to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a "phony" because of his extramarital activities, French President Charles DeGaulle as "that egomaniac," and Indira Gandhi as “a real prune — bitter, kind of pushy, horrible woman.”

When it came to Madam Nhu (the sister-in-law of the South Vietnamese president) and former congresswoman Clare Booth Luce, Jackie's verdict? "I wouldn't be surprised if they were lesbians." 

So, there's that. Even if some of this is pretty superficial and unfounded (criticizing people by accusing them of homosexuality is pretty unfortunate, for example), I have to be honest, this really just makes me like her even more than I already did. Here's hoping there's a second round of interviews waiting in the wings with full scoop on how Eisenhower was actually a huge jerk.