Joan Rivers says Occupy Wall Street needs more gay men

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Sagacity, thy name is Rivers. Comedian Joan Rivers told The Cut last night that while she thinks Occupy Wall Street was "terrific the first week," she now finds the protests "just ridiculous," primarily because of a lack of gay protestors in Zuccotti Park. "Gay men have better bodies, on the whole," according to Rivers, who added, "They care about what they look like. Very seldom will you find a gay schlep… this is why there are no gay protestors in Zuccotti Park. Because there's no place to change, and no closets."

Although Rivers has built a career around making incendiary, politically incorrect quips like this one, she does have a point about breeders dominating the OWS coverage, as well as most U.S. social movements. I mean, the gays couldn't possibly have been at the 1963 March on Washington, because as far as I can recall, no one in the crowd was sporting a spangled denim newsboy hat during MLK Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech. Amirite? Not to mention the peace activists during the Vietnam War, or the Stonewall Inn rioters, whatever that business was all about (maybe something to do with lowering the drinking age?)

All snark aside, Joan Rivers is a funny lady, but these remarks come off as a little less than amusing. As a member of the one percent, she's exactly what Zuccotti Park demonstrators are protesting against, and they'll probably continue to do so with or without closets to change in.