Joe Biden makes lube joke, remains awesome

In the wake of St. Patrick's Day, President Obama hosted Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny yesterday in a reception at the White House. And who better to introduce such a gathering than Vice President Joe "BFD" Biden? While introducing the visiting dignitaries, the proudly Irish Biden took the opportunity to indulge in some whimsy and to tell the crowd about his Grandfather Finnegan's pearls of wisdom. The story went something like this:

You know there's an old Irish saying, there's all KINDS of old Irish sayings. At least my Grandfather Finnegan, I think he made them says: "May the hinges of our friendship never go rusty." Well with these two folks that you're about to meet, if you haven't already, there's no doubt about them staying oiled and lubricated. [gales of laughter, wolf whistles] Now for those of you who are not full Irish in this room, lubricated has a different meaning for us all.

See, the best part about this is that the teetotaling Biden was actually making a drinking joke, but at the laughter of the crowd, the old fox simply couldn't resist teasing them about the resulting double entendre.

Anyway, people who think that Biden's sometimes salty asides are a political liability or undermine the gravitas of the position can go suck on a lemon. This man is a national treasure. (And not just a gold-mine for The Onion.) While I wouldn't want him doing solo nuclear-arms negotiations, the lack of a filter is something that should be celebrated in the political class, where it's about as rare as real hair. Enjoy.

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Commentarium (10 Comments)

Mar 21 12 - 7:40pm
stryedst pint

Joe Biden is many things, but "awesome" is not and has never been one of them.

Mar 21 12 - 8:52pm
Unless... "awesome," the author meant "totally clueless, oblivious, racist idiot."

Mar 21 12 - 9:15pm
loxpee him

Not sure if he's a racist, but the rest you listed is all true.

And yet this Nerve writer calls him a "national treasure." Please, folks, stop voting. You're shaming us all.

Mar 22 12 - 11:47am

The post was about Biden's willingness to speak his mind, which is admirable when you have guys like Mitt running around just doing their best to speak everyone else's. It wasn't about intelligence or any other quality. With a little humor Biden turned another boring little piece of mandatory political theater into a funny moment. But by all means please list your favorite politicians and we'll be happy to judge your intelligence. And don't say "none", that's cheating...

Mar 22 12 - 10:01pm

The post was unintelligible. Biden is a senseless, racist - recall his comments regarding 7-11 and about our President being "clean" - who can't put a coherent thought into words. Speaking of coherent thoughts, why would *my* favorite politicians be germane?

Hmm? What was that you said? OK, I'll play. My favorite politicians are Lincoln, Washington and, working with something here, Rousseau. If you like, I'll tell you who each was to save you the trouble of going to wikipedia.

Mar 22 12 - 10:02pm

"..."clean" - idiot...."

Mar 21 12 - 9:15pm

You two are uptight fools. The man is not just hilarious....but intelligent too. Get over yourselves.

Mar 21 12 - 10:58pm

Joe Biden is like a drunk uncle, makes stupid comments but is pretty harmless...

Mar 22 12 - 9:44am
intogred cloth

"Intelligent" is another word that doesn't apply to Joe Biden. You should come live in Delaware and see for yourself... if you find him to be intelligent that makes you... well, really fucking low on the IQ totem pole.

PS Nerve web coders: your commenting system fucking BLOWS on the iPhone.

Mar 22 12 - 12:00pm

Don't you think he kind of looks like Rick Flair? WOOOO!