Joe Biden thinks it’s really funny when “The Onion” makes fun of him

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Shirtless Joe Biden The Onion satire photo

The Onion has a long history of mocking the Vice President. In their most recent string of articles, Biden is a white-trash womanizer with a predilection towards booze and bouncing checks. Surprisingly, Biden is a big fan of this depiction.

A few other classic Onion articles — and the accompanying doctored photos — show Biden with a ponytail at the inauguration and being physically removed and banned from Dave and Buster's. 

"I think it's hilarious," said the Vice President in an interview with Yahoo. "I guess you're not supposed to encourage it by laughing about it yourself." 

Biden was especially tickled by an Onion article which reports that he spent a spring day cleaning his Trans-Am on the driveway of the White House. An accompanying photo shows Biden standing over his insanely tacky car revealing an overweight gut and intimidating tattoos. 

"By the way, I have a Corvette — a '67 Corvette — not a Trans-Am." said Biden.