Joe the Plumber is back, running for Congress

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Joe the Plumber and John McCain

Joe the Plumber — Every man, diplomat, icon, and the wonderfully simple Halloween costume for 2008's politically minded trick-or-treater — is back. After a couple years out of the spotlight, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher has filed a statement of candidacy in Ohio to run for Congress

Mr. Plumber, if you've forgotten, had his fifteen minutes in 2008 when he complained about then-candidate Barack Obama's plan to let the Bush tax cuts for millionaires (or "job-creators" as they've been rather cleverly rebranded) expire. The McCain / Palin ticket heard about it and adopted Joe as their folksy spokesman. He stumped a bit for them, took some photos, and then Obama won, Palin started doing her own folksy tours… and Joe turned out never to have had a plumber's license in the first place

Since then, he's tried his hands at a couple different jobs — he wrote a book, went to Israel to try to be a war reporter or something — and now, presumably out of options (except, I guess, actually being a plumber), he's turning to politics. Plumber first announced his interest in running in August, and has since said that there's "high level" interest in the Republican Party in his running. 

Those guys are really running low on viable candidates, eh?