John Boehner admits that being speaker ‘isn’t any fun’

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Despite his rosiest (and wavering) efforts to keep a cheerful face, John Boehner finally had to admit yesterday that being the House Speaker in one of the worst debt crises in history just isn't fun. Addressing the Economic Club of Washington D.C., Boehner showed his earned his reputation as "the world's saddest tangerine:"

"People ask me if I'm having fun. Hell no, I'm not having any fun! Somebody show me where the fun is!"

I can only guess that the red-faced, sport-coated men of the Economic Club swirled their brandy snifters in surprise. (I don't have any idea what the Economic Club of Washington D.C. does.)

I should probably say it's refreshing to see Boehner get a little bit more reasonable about his (fairly important) position — since the country is in a pretty dire spot. House Speakers shouldn't just, you know, wanna have fun. But to be honest I feel let down by the House's "happy warrior." You can't help but have respect for a man who compared partisan politics to the childhood squabbles between him and his eleven siblings. (You can, of course, have a little less respect for a man who, despite having eleven siblings, approaches problems like a bratty only child.)