John McCain is sick of the contraception debate, too

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John McCain

He may have done women (and humans in general) a major disservice by dragging Sarah Palin into the public eye, but apparently when it comes to birth control, John McCain is relatively reasonable. In an interview this weekend, the Arizona Senator spoke out against a proposed bill in his state that would allow employers to refuse insurance coverage for contraception used for non-medical reasons, i.e. actual sex.

"I am confident that that legislation will not reach the governor's desk, and if it did it will be vetoed," said McCain on Meet the Press. "It certainly doesn't reflect, in my view, the majority of the people of Arizona."

He went on to say that Republicans should "get off" all the obsessive birth-control talk in order to avoid being seen as hopelessly anti-woman:

"I think we have to fix that. There's a perception out there because of the way that this whole contraception issue played out… We need to get off of that issue. In my view, I think we ought to respect the right of women to make choices in their lives and make that clear and to get back onto what the American people really care about — jobs and the economy."

This is unexpected, coming from someone who voted in favor of the slightly less awful (but still completely awful) Blunt amendment. Does this mean McCain is having a change of heart, or is he just concerned that his party is on the verge of losing every single one of its female voters?