John McCain shoots down Super Congress provisions

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Remember all that flack about the "Super Congress" or "supercommittee" or "Totally Bitchin' Group of Job-Makin' Bros" from a while back? It's the bipartisan committee that's supposed to find trillions in debt reduction. If they don't, though, or their recommendations don't make it through Congress, there's this "trigger" provision that'll slash defense spending, among other things?

Well, Skeletor John McCain recently spilled the beans about that whole trigger provision.

"If there's a failure on the part of the supercommittee, we will be among the first on the floor to nullify that provision [the trigger]. Congress is not bound by this. If something is passed, we can reverse it."

Um. Okay. But then what's the point of having it loom over the supercommittee in the first place?

"I didn't agree with the trigger being created to start with. So I have no ownership of that."

Guh. So we've been fed an image of this great bi-partisan kickass group working feverishly with this looming legislative Sword of Damocles hanging over their head, and now we find that Congress' resident Cranky Old Man is just going to tell that bill to get the hell of his lawn, damnit? And probably be joined by all his stonewalling pals?

Seriously, if we're at the point where our elected officials are explicitly broadcasting their intent to nullify the efforts of their peers months in advance, then what's the point of having them at all? Maybe a big roulette wheel of legislative actions would work just as well.

John McCain: You gave us Sarah Palin. That is a debt that can never, ever be repaid, so just retire and sit on your front porch with a shotgun. Going for Strom Thurmond's "Oldest, Crankiest and Generally Most Useless Member of Congress" award is not a valid use of your time or my money.