Jon Huntsman dazzles would-be voters with his keyboard skills

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Jon Huntsman seems like kind of a weird Republican. We only know a few things about him: he worked for a Democratic president, he has more fans in China than he does in the U.S., and he once played keyboard in a band called "Wizard." This last fact, however, might just be his ace; the GOP candidate is getting lots of press for playing the piano while campaigning in New Hampshire. It just goes to show, Americans really love politicians who can play musical instruments

Huntsman is being touted as one of the two Republicans with the best chance at getting the nomination, and potentially unseating Obama. (Mitt Romney's the other.) But despite that, he seems to be unsure of whether or not voters even know his name. In his speeches, he apparently says, "Huntsman's the name" quite often, over-enunciating his surname. 

Then again, maybe he's just weird. After all, this is the guy who kicked off his presidential campaign with ads like the one below — which bafflingly shows him (I guess) riding a motocross bike through the desert. The ad's only text is "In six days" and "Did not become famous with his band 'Wizard.'"  Weird.