Wikileaks founder, notable Australian, and super-hacker Julian Assange has lost his appeal against extradition to Sweden, and will now have to face the Swedish court over allegations of sexual assault and rape. The celebrated/vilified/creepy Assange garnered international fame in 2010 when Wikileaks made thousands of classified documents public, becoming a hero to anti-censorship champions. 

But then he went and (allegedly) had sort-of-to-not-really-at-all consensual sex with a couple of ladies in Sweden and got in trouble for it. Since then, he's been living under strict bail conditions in what The Christian Science Monitor calls "the country mansion of a wealthy supporter in eastern England," which has all sorts of Downton Abbey connotations and seems completely fitting. He also made an appearance on The Simpsons. And had a talk show on Russia Today. He's been keeping busy.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Britian's highest court rejected Assange's argument that the European arrest warrant was invalid. However, Assange's lawyers still have two weeks to contest the ruling. He has a couple of legal options, but his lawyers are confident that if extradition does happen, he will eventually be cleared of all charges. Which kind of makes you wonder why he's trying so hard to not be extradited.

Don't worry, hackers: it ain't over yet! Personally, I can't wait until Matthew Lillard is tapped to play Assange in a gritty biopic.

Commentarium (10 Comments)

May 30 12 - 5:20pm

he doesn't want to get extradited to Sweden because then the USA can get him for bullshit treason charges/make him disappear.

May 31 12 - 12:55am

Because Sweden is such a close ally of the U.S. compared to Sweden. Strong argument, andrea. He's being extradited in accordance with UK law, plain and simple.

May 31 12 - 7:24pm

"...compared to the UK."

May 30 12 - 5:34pm

the poor guy has obviously been framed.

May 30 12 - 5:35pm

Assange admitted to bukkake-ing on one of those young Swedish chicks.

Jun 01 12 - 12:14pm

best comment of the day. argument winner.

May 31 12 - 12:10am

Gee, what happen to all the outrage over outing CIA agents ala Valerie Plame?
Oh, that's right, he's not an Evil Republican so he can do it!

May 31 12 - 12:56am

So it would appear that not only does he look like Bill Maher but he treats women the same way.

May 31 12 - 11:37am

"The celebrated/vilified/creepy Assange"

Thanks Alisa, for helping the United States in their smear of Assange. I wonder how "creepy" he'll be if a SOCOM team drags him into a delivery van, and nobody ever sees or hears from him again. Maybe then, he'll be "creepy" like the Phantom of the Opera.

May 31 12 - 7:23pm

He's not an American citizen. Obama will authorize a drone strike.