Katia Zatuliveter is Britain’s answer to the sexy Russian spy

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Katia sexy Russian spy

British tabloids are still so pissed about America stealing the Anna Chapman story from them, they're working on a new "sexy Russian spy" saga just to get back some of their thunder. Katia Zatuliveter is the latest name to pop up in the press: apparently, she's being accused of being a "sleeper agent" for the Russian government.

Where, pray tell, did the Brits dig up Katia? At the offices of Liberal MP Mike Hancock, who sits on the House of Commons Defense Committee. Of course, Hancock says that there's no way she's a Russian spy, but Hancock is also known as a ladies man up Parliamentary way and no one cares what he thinks.

Oh, and if you thought Chapman was too unhealthy for your blood, you're really not going to like the sequel.

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Katia sexy

Katia Zatuliveter

I really wish WikiLeaks would stop going after unimportant issues like war, nuclear arms build-up, and assassination plots, and concentrate on what really matters: finding more sexy Russian spies.