Kim Kardashian is the only way to get Americans interested in politics now

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This is what we've come to — only a few days after Mitt Romney compared Obama's presidency to Kim Kardashian's failed marriage in an attempt to connect with young voters, a liberal California group called the Courage Campaign is using the reality star to push for increasing tax rates for the state's wealthiest residents by three to five percent. The group has not only set up a website called, but they've also released this video, which starts out with a somewhat self-damning quote from the socialite and moves on to point out that she pays only 1% more in taxes than the average middle-class Californian.

Plus one for the message, but minus one for the execution. You'll see what I mean:

At least use images that fill up the frame, Courage Campaign! Otherwise it looks like a fan vid, and nobody wants to watch those. They're too sad.

Video quality aside, the point is that the only thing that gets anyone in our country interested in politics, no matter which side of the aisle you fall on, is Kim Kardashian. In fact, let's just cancel the rest of the Republican primaries and have her choose the nominee. Kim Kardashian is your new kingmaker, America. Accept it.