Latest controversial abortion billboard features Barack Obama

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anti-abortion obama billboard

Surprise, surprise — the latest abortion billboard controversy is brought to you by the folks who provided the last abortion billboard controversy. Just after pulling their offensive and racially charged ad in New York City (you know, the "the most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb" one), the anti-choice group Life Always decided to post another one, this time in Chicago and thirty other locations. And get this, it features the likeness of our current Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama, who just so happens to be pro-choice.

The billboard features the slogan "Every twenty-one minutes, our next possible leader is aborted." I suppose that is technically true, but when you put it that way, every twenty-one minutes, our next potential serial killer, sex offender or otherwise societally threatening individual is also aborted. The possibilities are really endless. You think they would have learned after the last fiasco, but perhaps the folks at Life Always consider any publicity, good publicity. After all, we're still blogging about them.