Latinos enact their vengeance on racist mayor by mailing him hundreds of tacos

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Joseph Maturo

Vengeance, as everyone knows, is sweet, and revenge is a dish best served cold — unless, of course, they take the form of tacos, in which case, they are spicy and delicious and should obviously be served pipin' hot. Connecticut mayor Joseph Maturo, is learning about the ways of vengeance: after making insensitive and patronizing comments about the Latino community earlier this week, the mayor has been subject to angry citizens sending him tacos.

Earlier, the FBI arrested four police officers in East Haven, Connecticut (previously only notable for its lack of any good universities) for racially profiling Latinos. Asked how he might reach out to the Latino community to repair the damage, Mayor Maturo tactfully responded that he "might have some tacos" when he got home. In response, a direct-action protest organized by a group called Junta for Progressive Action has delivered over 500 tacos to Maturo's house.

The mayor sort of apologized, saying he was tired at the end of a long day when he made the remarks, but has done nothing further. Predictably, a lot of people are still upset. Because, whatever, tacos aren't really the issue here. In fact, I think we're all a little hyper-sensitive about off-the-cuff remarks. But, isn't that "apology" basically like saying, "I'm sorry that I let my guard down and revealed that I don't give a shit about racial profiling in my town?" That's a legitimate thing to be sorry about, as far as your career is concerned, but it doesn't help prove you're not a racist asshole. 

The issue isn't whether you think equating Latinos with tacos is outrageous or a just a dumb joke that would be funny if Jon Stewart made it. The issue is that the cops in your town are racially profiling so egregiously that they got arrested by the F.B.I. — and you should be really embarrassed about it. So make a taco joke, and then get to work figuring out how you ended up doing such a terrible job as a mayor.