Obama to Aziz Ansari: “I have more Twitter followers than you”

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With Osama bin Laden on the sea floor, and the GOP presidential candidates in disarray, it seems Barack Obama is getting antsy and needs a rival to give his life some meaning. So he's set his sights on one of the most terrifying forces in the world today: Parks and Recreation star Aziz Ansari.

In this video of a New York fundraiser, the President notes Ansari's presence, saying, "Aziz Ansari… now this is big because Malia is a big Parks and Recreation fan." (He's clearly happier about Malia's Parks and Rec fandom than he was about the Kardashians.)

Then, he continues lulling Ansari into a false sense of security: "So having Aziz here is like the only thing she thinks is worth me doing."

But then comes the attack, as Obama releases the Seal Team Six of social-media burns on Ansari: "I just want to say that I have more Twitter followers than you, man." Oh snap!

Somali pirates, Aziz Ansari; none can resist our two-fisted commander-in-chief. Check out the video below: