Legal gay marriage “not a matter of if, but when,” says Bloomberg

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Michael Bloomberg

Gay marriage has another high-profile advocate in New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who alongside Governor Andrew Cuomo, is pressing state lawmakers to approve a same-sex marriage bill. In a speech today in New York, Bloomberg depicted legal gay marriage as inevitable, and also compared the fight for marriage equality to the civil-rights movement:

 "Today, a majority of Americans support marriage equality and young people increasingly view marriage equality in much the same way as young people in the 1960s viewed civil rights. Eventually, as happened with civil rights for African-Americans, they will be a majority of voters. And they will pass laws that reflect their value and elect presidents who personify them. It is not a matter of if — but when."

I can't say I'm always the biggest fan of Bloomberg, but it seems like he's pretty spot-on this time around. But what do you think — accurate, or an overstatement?