According to the AP via Politico, GOP candidate Herman Cain was accused of sexual harassment by two female employees in the mid-'90s, when he was the head of the National Restaurant Association. Cain's spokesperson issued a statement to the AP fervently denying the allegations against him, as well as Politico's claims that the women were offered a five-figure payout if they left the organization and never spoke of the charges again. 

Although Cain has ridden on the momentum of his early start in the polls for the past few months, barely trailing behind fellow GOP candidate and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, the sexual-harassment accusations could tarnish his squeaky-clean reputation as shitty-pizza-chain impresario/late '90s computer-game aficionado/inadvertent lung-cancer proponent. For his part, Cain vehemently denies the claims, rhetorically asking a Politico reporter if he had "ever been accused of sexual harassment" when the website confronted him outside the CBS News Washington bureau, where Cain had just been interviewed for Face the Nation. We'll see how well his "I know you are, but what am I?" preschool rhetoric serves him during the next debate in Michigan, right after he accuses Rick Perry of being a doodyhead. 

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Oct 31 11 - 8:11am

A conservative African American? He must be stopped! Was the accuser Anita Hill?

Oct 31 11 - 8:13am

last thing you want is a president getting blow jobs in the Oval Office from me intern.

Oct 31 11 - 9:35am

"Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you'll find."
Democrat "Consultant" James Carville

Oct 31 11 - 10:28am

Being a sex harrasser probably helps with the Republican base -- unless the women were white, then he has a problem.

Oct 31 11 - 10:33am

"Being a sex harrasser probably helps with the Republican base"
Oh yeah? then why isn't ginrich polling better?

Oct 31 11 - 11:26am

And why wasn't Clinton more popular among Democrats?

Dragging out the race argument, robert? You're better than that. Even Chris Matthews has had to drop the whole Conservatives/Tea Party is/are racist(s).

Oct 31 11 - 12:03pm

The Tea Party is unquestionably racist, that's why they keep the birther non-issue alive. I started getting ugly racist emails about Obama from Tea Party people in 2008. They seem to be in stealth mode now, but I expect a new flood of racist Tea Party messages as we near next November.

Oct 31 11 - 12:56pm

So is the Tea Party anit-semitic like the majority of the OWS crowd?
Gotta love those hate filled posters they're showing.

And the Tea Party doesn't have a problem with Obama per se, after all in the word of the current Vice President Biden "he's a well spoken black man".

Oct 31 11 - 3:39pm

@Kel - So racist that it supports Herman Cain? There are unquestionably racists that associate themselves with the Tea Party, just as there are racists that associate themselves with the Progressives. That does not make either groups racist. I wouldn't expect the flood, particularly when Herman Cain is on the GOP ticket.

Nov 01 11 - 1:40pm
It's hilarious

that teabaggers think supporting Herman Cain = they aren't racists. It's even more effective than, "Hey, I'm not racist! I've got a black friend!"

Nov 01 11 - 3:35pm

Cheap talk from a guy who openly hates Cain just because he is black.

Nov 02 11 - 3:08pm

No, he hates me because I'm an idiot. Which coincidentally, is why you love me!

Oct 31 11 - 11:59am

Guess you can't stay out of the spotlight and run for President at the same time. And from all we've seen of Cain so far, I think that we'll see a LOT more bad news about him rise to the surface as this campaign grinds on.

Oct 31 11 - 2:11pm

Yeah, I don't have any problem charging the majority of the wingnuts who make up the Tea Party and the radical right wing of the Republican party with racism. What's interesting here is that there is speculation that this is coming from the mainstream wing to try to torpedo Cain and protect Romney.

Oct 31 11 - 2:40pm

You don't need to go around accusing people of racism. It doesn't make you seem smart - just a name calling partisan.

Oct 31 11 - 3:40pm

Yeah, I doubt seriously that nerve is trying to protect Romney.

Oct 31 11 - 9:37pm

Oh, please, do you really think Nerve is the source of this story? This is just an aggregator site. The story is being pushed by Politico and appears to be sourced from the National Restaurant Association, which has substantial ties to the mainstream/Bush wing of the party.

Oct 31 11 - 10:16pm

No, but it's undeniable that nerve is propogating it, albeit in a very, very small way compared to other outlets.

On to more important subjects: I find progressives/liberals to be the most racist of all. Ok, now you've accused my group and I've accused yours. Where did that get us?

It's clear that the Tea Party isn't racist or it wouldn't be the primary area of support for Cain. You can spin it all you want but you're just looking silly or worse, partisan.

Nov 02 11 - 4:28pm

Apparently, Cain is the Teabagger's "black friend" that proves they aren't racists. Ha!

Oct 31 11 - 2:51pm

Does this explain the really creepy smile at the end of his campaign ad?

Oct 31 11 - 4:39pm

Wow, look at how quickly all the Koch Bros. trolls jumped on this one. Fingers pointing everywhere except for the "Cain Train".

Nov 01 11 - 12:50am

Yes, good God, I hope the nerve servers can keep up with the crush.

Oct 31 11 - 6:16pm

So now is sexual harassment wrong again?
It was wrong with Clarence Thomas, Ok with Bill Clinton, now its back to being wrong again?
Geez, its hard to keep track of the Liberal Morality crowd.
I mean, I just want to know if I can get a B.J. from a female intern and not risk a lawsuit!

Nov 01 11 - 12:52am

It appears to only be wrong when it can't be proven or even credibly evaluated to have occurred. Thomas, very shaky. Cain, two anonymous accusers. Both very weak cases (at this point) and therefore unquestionably true.

Clinton, who fired an African American woman to hire Paula Jones with whom he was having sex. Anita Broderick who claimed with evidence that she was raped by Clinton. Nah, nothing here.

Nov 02 11 - 4:27pm
Black Walnut

Yeah, because I settled out of court it's "questionable"! Hahaha!

Nov 01 11 - 9:59pm

Nerve clearly hates Herman Cain. Funny, though, how they promote the idea that the Tea Party specifically, and Republicans in general, are inherently racists and yet they can't stand the thought of a black conservative. But that's not racist, oh no...

Nov 01 11 - 11:17pm
Uh yeah

because Nerve is super racist towards dumb people running for office.