Liberal PAC using website to prank Newt Gingrich

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All's fair in love and politics, so though we're above remarking on Callista Gingrich's Bachmann-like creepy stare, we can tell you about how the liberal PAC American Bridge 21st Century acquired the domain name, and is having fiendish fun with it. As of today, any time someone types in, they're redirected to a number of different sites, none of them flattering to the former Speaker. 

For instance, the first time I tried it, I was redirected to Gingrich's famous climate-change ad with Nancy Pelosi, which he later said was "one of the dumbest things I've done." You can also land at, among others, a Greek travel site, the Tiffany and co. homepage (the world's most famous six-figure line of credit), or the Freddie Mac homepage, apparently with whom Gingrich did a little consulting, and not pro bono either. Try it here, and see where you wind up.

American Bridge, which acquired the domain name through Domains by Proxy, is willing to part with the URL, as evidenced by an ad they posted on Craigslist, reading: 

"We thought of giving it away, but we wouldn't want to be accused of being socialists. So, make your best offer. We're asking for $1 million, but we'd be happy to accept $500,000 in bling. Heck, in the spirit of Christmas we might even let it go for $10,000."

Gingrich's official campaign site is at, but it's obviously not as fun as the other one. If the story starts to blow up, the Gingrich camp does have recourse to resolve the issue, unlike Rick Santorum with his little "Google problem." Santorum at least controls; being redirected to an Adam Lambert fan page would have been too much to hope for.