Links: It’s officially time to start speculating about the 2012 Presidential election

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Sarah Palin with a boat

HuffPo has launched an entire segment of the site dedicated to the 2012 Presidential elections, presumably in honor of CPAC, and the internet is abuzz with talk. Which I find oddly enraging and terrifying at the same time. It's too soon! 

Congressman Chris Lee, who was busted with a dishonest sex-soliciting Craigslist ad, has resigned. A special election will be held to fill his seat. 

This liquor store has the right idea about Valentine's Day, at least to many of us. 

When did bacon become a meme? "It’s not a lifestyle choice or a fashion statement. It’s fatty pork with a high sodium content." Here's a look into some of the bacon-meme's sillier iterations. 

Fort Wayne, Indiana has found a spot in the national news. The city held an online contest to decide what to name a new city building. The voters unanimously picked "Harry Baals," a former mayor whose name is pronounced just as you think it is.