Links: OK state Rep. says minorities earn less because they don’t work as hard

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Sally Kearns, a Republican in Oklahoma, was speaking about affirmative action when she suggested that income disparities in this country stem from laziness. She also thinks women earn less because they spend more time at home.  

With Obama's birth certificate presented, can we all agree to move on to more important world issues? There were horrific tornadoes going through the Southeast last night, and Obama has pledged to help, starting with a visit to Alabama on Friday.

Calorie counts — now posted practically everywhere — have been bumming out fast food eaters all over Manhattan for awhile, and now they're being posted in other places, like Duke University. Regardless, we've all stayed fatties.

Remember The Parent Trap, that incredible movie starring pre-insane Lindsay Lohan where two sisters meet for the first time at summer camp? Well it happened in real life, but with two grown men who grew up half a town away from each other not knowing they were half-brothers until meeting in Hawaii! Get yourselves on daytime television, guys.

Speaking of special things, here are some some extraordinarily obscene cakes. Frankly, I feel the same way about extravagantly decorated cakes the way I do about fancy lingerie — what's the point? It's just going to get devoured. Still, you have to admire the artistry.