Madonna puts swastika on French politicians’s image, politician forgets not to indulge Madonna

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Marine Le Pen is the current leader of the National Front, the dominant far-right party in France. The NF likes law, order — though probably not Law & Order because it did have a bit of a liberal streak — and economic protectionism. The NF does not like the euro or immigrants. They also have a… "complicated" relationship with WWII, and thanks to all of this, some people think they're pretty much Nazis. One of these people, it turns out, is Madonna, who recently performed at a concert in Tel Aviv accompanied by a giant image of Le Pen's face with a swastika added to the forehead:

The image was part of a video montage that featured other political figures like Sarah Palin and Hu Jintao (my guess is without the swastika but that's not been explicitly stated anywhere), and only appeared for a brief moment. Also, in case you're wondering, that's only Le Pen's eyes and top of forehead/hairline — the rest looks to be Madonna's face. As with much of Madonna's recent "outlandish" behavior, it's kind of obvious and not as interesting as Truth or Dare.

But! Le Pen, who has maintained she's a Zionist in the past, was less than pleased with Madge's latest monkeyshines. (She dislikes Muslims, Madonna! Not Jewish people. Get it right.) Unfortunately for her, Le Pen doesn't know the first rule of besting Madonna, and that is to totally ignore Madonna. She's been around for well over two decades now: this should be general knowledge, like "don't mix bleach and ammonia" or how long it takes to make a hard-boiled egg. Lacking this vital knowledge, Le Pen engaged, as reported by the Daily Mail:

Ms. Le Pen said: "We understand how old singers who need to get people talking about them go to such extremes."

Asked if she was likely to sue, Ms. Le Pen, 43, said: "If she does that in France, we’ll be waiting."

Sorry, Madame Le Pen: I'm afraid this is a battle you've already lost.