Meme supreme: UC Davis cop pepper-sprays Jesus on a Christmas sweater

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Remember that mustachioed cop over at UC Davis who nonchalantly pepper-sprayed a bunch of college kids who were protesting a bunch of tuition hikes by peacefully sitting on the ground? And then remember how he quickly turned into an amazing Internet meme that saw him pepper-spraying the hell out of everything from brilliant artworks to grandma at Thanksgiving dinner? Well, that meme has officially reached its apex: UC Davis cop pepper-sprays Baby Jesus.

But does he do it on a crudely Photoshopped picture? He does not. Is it available on the internet in easy-to-forward-to-your-coworkers-and-family form? It is not. Instead, it exists on a goddamn hand-sewn Christmas sweater!

The sweater is via a photo over at Reddit and is blowing up, rightfully so. The maker is Ms. Abbie Heppe, who immediately gets sole credit for putting an end to the pepper-spraying cop meme. After this, there's no reason for further variations to exist. Plans on celebrating New Year's Eve by editing him into the Times Square ball drop? Shelve that idea. Had Easter plans to dress up as a giant bunny and pepper-spray your eggs? Forget it. The book on this meme is closed.