M.I.A. and Anderson Cooper engage in heated tweet-off

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Influential bird-flipper, inflammatory politician, and occasional pop star M.I.A. has brought her antics to Twitter: recently, she incorrectly lambasted Anderson Cooper for having linked her to the terrorist organization, the Tamil Tigers. 

Truth be told, Anderson Cooper did no such thing. What actually happened: in 2009, one of his bloggers linked an article on Anderson Cooper 360 to another article that had hyperbolically detailed the polarizing aspects of M.I.A.’s persona. “To some,” stated the article in the Charleston Mercury News, “M.I.A. is a peaceful revolutionary artist who has shed light on a desperate situation in Sri Lanka. To others she is a LTTE propagandist rousting international support for a terrorist organization." 

In the ensuing tweet-off, Cooper rebutted that he didn’t know who she was “other than the lady who sang at the superbowl.” M.I.A. replied that he indeed knew her, stating (again, incorrectly) that he, Anderson Cooper, had directly “called” her a Tamil Tiger. Cooper thereby noted her inconsistency, tweeting, “you've gone from saying 'I wrote', 'I called you,' to saying my cnn show blog had a link to an article. Big difference."

Ultimately, M.I.A. admitted to an accusatory misfire, Cooper guilt-tripped her in stating that after Super Bowl he had defended her scandalizing finger, M.I.A. thanked him for appreciating her finger, and once the finger felt appeased, the argument drew to a peaceful close. 

And that's the story of Christmas.