As the fallout from Slutgate continues, the foul-smelling rhetoric of political division continues to waft along, stronger than ever. After the hot-button issue of contraception turned Sandra Fluke into a national figure, aided by Rush Limbaugh's sexist comments which recalled the Don Imus "nappy-headed hos" imbroglio, insurance-coverage responsibility became a hot topic in comment boxes across the blogosphere. And Limbaugh's comeuppance was gleefully applauded by those in the mood for smashing pumpkinheads.

Calling Fluke a "slut" and a "prostitute" for her views ultimately cost Limbaugh sponsors like Legal Zoom and Sleep Train Mattress Centers. This blow to his bottom line, as Ron Paul pointed out on Sunday's Face the Nation, is, of course, what really prompted Limbaugh's apology to Fluke. It's hard to believe he truly regrets his vile remarks when he has an extensive history of hurling racist epithets and engaging in callous pantomimes.

With this in mind, it's not surprising to see Michael Moore, who probably wouldn't accept Limbaugh's helping hand if he was slipping off a ledge, eagerly jump on the bandwagon. On Saturday, Moore tweeted, "Rush -- As soon as u started losing the big $$ from your hate speech, you caved & obeyed the men who pay u. Who's the prostitute now, bitch?"

And that wasn't all. On his website,, other choice tweets piling on Limbaugh were proudly collated, such as: "I didn't know there was anyone on earth who had the power to tell Rush what 2 do. But then there's Bain Capital, financiers of Clear Channel" and "I guess Romney knew that Rush, who made the mistake of saying what most Republicans think (women as sluts), had cost him the Nov. election." And more sardonicism: "Don't give up, Rush! It's a WAR ON WOMEN & you're the Supreme Leader. Keep reminding voters how hate & violence drives the Republican agenda."

Even if you sympathize with Moore's point of view, his Twitter gloating is unbecoming. This lack of civility in the public discourse is why Senator Olympia Snowe won't be seeking re-election (unless she was secretly going to retire anyway and decided to get some hero credit). I hadn't realized how personal it was between Moore and Limbaugh until I read the following tweet: "And BTW Rush, your vile & vicious attacks on me over the years — I wear them as a badge of honor. You are sad & sick & I've always pitied u." This kind of beefing is sadly symbolic of the type of attitude that leads to the political gridlock that comes at the expense of U.S. citizens.

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Mar 05 12 - 12:54pm
widuej the

Moore is every bit the gaseous windbag that Limbaugh is, and he lies and distorts just as frequently. The world would be a much better place without either one.

Mar 05 12 - 2:17pm

Wrong on all counts, and I think you know that.
And by the way, Nerve, what IS the point of putting Captcha codes that no one could possibly read and just wasting time. Honestly, I never get an answer to this

Mar 05 12 - 6:42pm

how is that wrong on all counts? if forced to i supposed id align myself with the left, but michael moore could very aptly be described as a gaseous windbag. and a liar at that.

Mar 05 12 - 6:43pm


Mar 05 12 - 11:09pm
widuej the

@ Hampton: I know nothing of the sort. Michael Moore is a hateful, disgusting man and his lies and distortions are rampant throughout all of his work. Sounds almost exactly like a certain conservative talk radio host, eh?

Mar 06 12 - 3:15pm

What lies exactly, widuej? I've worked in healthcare for over a decade and can say with authority that his movie about health care in this country was spot-on. I don't know enough about Michigan to know about "lies and distortions" in Roger and Moore.

Why don't you enlighten us i/o just slinging mud, hmm?

Mar 06 12 - 3:16pm

Roger and Me, that is.

Mar 05 12 - 2:04pm

Moore disses Limbaugh for calling a woman a slut by calling Limbaugh a bitch. Great.

Mar 05 12 - 6:37pm

oh good. more finger wagging at liberals for fighting fire with fire. heavens forbid we should show any backbone. perhaps moore should have invited the hateful little shit over for tea and crumpets and discussed their feelings.

but you know how it is: liberal blowhards are just as bad as conservative blowhards... now excuse me while i go force marriage equality, women's rights, and fair income distribution on the populace.

Mar 05 12 - 8:15pm

Thanks, Reese! You're on point.

Mar 05 12 - 8:50pm

Conservatives are people too. What struck me about Limbaugh's comment was not his use of the word "slut" but the claim that women with high birth control costs must be promiscuous. It's simply inaccurate. First of all, a woman could be having a lot of sex in a monogamous relationship. Second, whether she has sex twice a day or once a month, the pill, patch, IUD, or ring costs the same. The number of people who don't know that, or pretend not to know that, is astonishing.

Mar 06 12 - 1:21pm

Everything Limbaugh said about Fluke was inaccurate, down to the basic facts of her testimony. That's why he's open to a charge of libel--his rants had no grounding in fact. Michael Moore, on the other hand, works more like a journalist and begins by finding out the facts. He's not flawless, but he doesn't share Rush's aggressive ignorance at all..

Mar 07 12 - 12:38am
easupict 164

Michael Moore wouldn't know a fact if he watched it fuck his mother in the ass.