Michele Bachmann officially enters presidential race

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Michele Bachmann

Polarizing politician Michele Bachmann has officially announced that she is indeed a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. The Minnesota Representative and founder of the Tea Party caucus in the House is among the most outspoken of the GOP candidates thus far (and that's really saying something, considering Rick Santorum is in the running). Though, given the abundance of controversial candidates in the ring, it'll be interesting to see who emerges from the debates with the most facepalm-worthy quotes. 

Prayer-monger Bachmann claimed this decision came about because she "had this calling and tugging on [her] heart that this is the right thing to do." Apparently the "right thing" entails repealing federal health-care laws and defunding the Environmental Protection Agency. God can take care of the Earth by himself, after all. Anything to combat the "gangster government" she's accused Obama of running.