"Firework," Katy Perry's ode to tolerance, acceptance, and pyrotechnic undergarments, is probably not a song you'd associate with Michele Bachmann. But over the weekend Bachmann entered the RightOnline conference in Minneapolis to the tune, probably mistaking it for a patriotic jam much the way Reagan did with "Born in the USA." Ironically, she was glitter-bombed by an supposed LGBT activist later that day.

I guess she didn't see the music video, which features gay guys (gasp) making out. Or know the song was dedicated to the It Gets Better campaign. With this particular crop of conservative presidential candidates, there are sure to be lots of similar campaign gaffes well into 2012. The next thing you know, Rick Santorum will be parading around to "Born This Way."

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Jun 22 11 - 10:46am

Bachmann is a really nice woman. I think she can take the GOP nomination and put out a good contest.

Jun 22 11 - 10:57am
John Son

She's awesome. If she becomes president, we'll never have to cower away from pesky lesbians in public toilets. Ever!

Jun 22 11 - 11:10am

I don't get it. Is that some reference to the music video?

Jun 22 11 - 2:25pm

I read the article and it sounds pretty fucked up for people you don't know follow to the bathroom when you have to shit or piss. That sounds weird to me. As to her other comments, that's her opinion and it doesn't mean the end of the world to hold them. I still think she's a really nice lady and she is going to give everyone a run for their money. You wait and see.

Jun 22 11 - 2:58pm

I love my candidates to be dumber than a bag of hammers.

Jun 22 11 - 3:48pm

^ Cheap move stealing someones initials to try and make your point. Speaks to your character. Slimy and rude. Michelle Bachmann is smarter and kinder than you'll ever be and has done more good for this country in an hour than you'll do in a life time. Kind of makes you feel like a loser, doesn't it?

Jun 22 11 - 4:33pm

he/she is called a jock sniffer by other people. ignore him - the rest of us do.

Jun 22 11 - 7:44pm

I just thought I'd say it again: Michelle Bachmann is the best the nicest, smartest, kindest person EVER. Everyone else is a underachieving, unpatriotic loser!

Jun 22 11 - 9:11pm

^ She was born in this country.

Jun 22 11 - 9:35pm


Jun 22 11 - 9:52pm

Glad you believe that anyone who speaks, no, believes anything that conflicts with what you believe is unpatriotic. 1st amendment be damned to hell like the homosexual it is.

Jun 22 11 - 11:03pm

^ I'm not apart of the "blame America first" crowd. If that offends you on some level... tough.

Jun 23 11 - 12:30am

œ∑´®†¥¨ˆøπ“‘« I can get easily offended when people don't notice my fancy typing skillz.

Jun 22 11 - 12:00pm

I agree, she's great. I was getting tired of masturbating anyway. And I like that I can be sure she's not a witch.

Jun 22 11 - 12:30pm

I need more batshit crazy. Bachman/Palin ticket please...

Jun 22 11 - 3:47pm

But if she weighs the same as a duck, she's made of wood, which is why witches burn.

Jun 22 11 - 3:56pm
Pez Ant

She turned me into Newt! But I got better.

Jun 22 11 - 4:10pm

It wasn't Michelle Bachmann that had the whole witch thing, it was Christine O'Donnell. Is everyone's memory that bad?

Jun 22 11 - 9:15pm

I guess so. You have to expect that from people who are too concerned with other things... like entitlements.

Jun 22 11 - 4:39pm

Bachmann and Palin are both ignorant as posts. The difference is that Palin is a cynical opportunist while Bachmann is genuinely batshit nuts. Look at her eyes. She has the Crazy Eyes thing going, sort of like Charles Manson.

Jun 22 11 - 6:41pm

um, derp?

Jun 22 11 - 7:44pm

Let me guess. Katy Perry will get wind of it and demand they stop using the song. Team Bachmann will issue a "oops sorry" and they'll use another song without authorization.

Where's the RIAA now? I guess they'd only get involved if someone uploaded the event to youtube and you could actually hear the whole song.

Jun 22 11 - 8:17pm

RIAA is run by Republicans.

Jun 22 11 - 10:00pm

If I were Katy Perry, which sometimes I am, I would let them keep using the song because it is hilariously ironic.

Jun 22 11 - 9:28pm

oh that Bachmann

Jun 23 11 - 2:05am

Could anyone on this post imagine what the country would look like if the people like Bachman get into the White House? My gosh America WAKE up. So if we do what she plans, government cuts all it's services. You're out of a job my friend. You won't have Medicare, Social Security, and you will retire in a cardboard box! Their invisible hand of John Adams, means you starve until a rich guy gives you a handout. If any of those Republicans get in and tear down America like they did with President Bush, there will be a tremendous exit of smart Americans heading north to Canada. May God Help Us All. Please God give these Republicans the wisdom to make better choices.

Jun 23 11 - 8:20am

Just leave already.

Jun 23 11 - 11:55am

Excuse me, I like to talk to myself.

Jun 25 11 - 2:58am

@king: Go back to Fox.

Jun 23 11 - 8:42am


Even with the super cynical understone Matt Tabbi weave's into this article, her history speaks for itself. The broad is nuttier than squirrel shit.

Jun 23 11 - 11:30am
Albert Feinstein

I ALWAYS vote Republican, because I'm way too F*cking stupid to realize that absolutely everything they do is related to trying to concentrate all of this country's wealth into the hands of a very few of their top corporate campaign contributors!

Jun 23 11 - 2:59pm

I always vote Democratic because I want to be controlled and for my tax money to go to welfare recipients who don't deserve it. I also like to blame America first and I'm gay.

Jun 23 11 - 3:17pm

yup those are both hyperbolic

Jun 23 11 - 1:15pm
Justin Khase

"The broad is nuttier than squirrel shit". Funniest analogy I've read in years. lololol

Jun 23 11 - 9:39pm

It's about time we get a woman into high office. The fact that she is a constitutional conservative makes me even happier.

Jun 23 11 - 10:06pm

I'd be happy with a smart woman who isn't a religious nutcase instead.

Jun 23 11 - 11:35pm

Good vote female!

Jun 25 11 - 12:49am

Give me the right candidate and I will. The religious Christian fundamentalism of Bachman is the antithesis of a "Constitutional Conservative".

Aug 29 11 - 6:51am

No cmopilnats on this end, simply a good piece.

Sep 14 11 - 4:32pm
G unit

The song's meaning can be many things, I guess generation MTV doesn't realize that.