Michele Bachmann misuses a Katy Perry song on the campaign trail

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"Firework," Katy Perry's ode to tolerance, acceptance, and pyrotechnic undergarments, is probably not a song you'd associate with Michele Bachmann. But over the weekend Bachmann entered the RightOnline conference in Minneapolis to the tune, probably mistaking it for a patriotic jam much the way Reagan did with "Born in the USA." Ironically, she was glitter-bombed by an supposed LGBT activist later that day.

I guess she didn't see the music video, which features gay guys (gasp) making out. Or know the song was dedicated to the It Gets Better campaign. With this particular crop of conservative presidential candidates, there are sure to be lots of similar campaign gaffes well into 2012. The next thing you know, Rick Santorum will be parading around to "Born This Way."