Michele Bachmann would like God to help her staff her campaign

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Michele Bachmann

We all rolled our eyes a little when Tea Partier and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann said she was going to wait for a sign from God to decide if she would run for President. But at least I understood it; it gave her a good way to delay announcing anything specific, drop out for no reason, and still excite some Christians. But, her latest statement is just plain zany: she is requesting that the Lord also intervene to help her with some HR work

She says: 

"I am asking your listeners to now please pray for me and my husband and my team," Bachmann said. "Ask that the Lord will give us a special anointing on how to put our team together, who those team people will be, that he would bring those people to us.

Now, I've come to accept that even politicians I like have to play the God card every once in a while to have a shot in this country. However, this is some next-level shit. If she waits for God's help when it comes to staffing, just imagine how many cows she'd ritually slaughter on Mount Rushmore before making a Supreme Court nomination. 

Fortunately, at this point, her likelihood of being nominated is roughly that of Donald Trump