Mitt Romney makes social-media site take down amazing Mitt Romney parody

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I've got to give the Romney campaign points for knowing about Pinterest, the still-unsigned Swedish death metal band that's "doing something really interesting with sound" of the social-media world. But I've got to take away points from the Romney campaign for being uptight censorious dweebs. MittRomneyGOP, a great Pinterest page dedicated to making fun of Mitt Romney, has been moved as a result of the displeasure it caused Mitt. 

Yesterday, MittRomneyGOP was the internet's go-to place to see fake pictures of things that Mitt Romney bought with his extravagant wealth with funny captions — gems like "This is a really great starter yacht. Perfect for someone just out of college" and "Have you ever taken a Pellegrino bath? It's like a jacuzzi but you save money on electricity!" But that was yesterday. 

Today, the page has a new home, FakeMittRomney, after the Romney campaign contacted the owners of Pinterest and told them to take it down. Pinterest didn't kill it, but compromised by choosing a name that was more obviously a parody. Then, presumably, they curled up in front of a blazing bonfire of books, and spent the evening making up heroic anecdotes about the childhoods of powerful Republicans and subtly inserting them into their Wikipedia pages.

In truth, it sounds like the people at Pinterest were pretty gracious about it: the email chain that the page's author published shows them apologizing, and pointing out that they're a young company without a protocol for this sort of thing (and probably a little scared of getting into trouble with someone with so many lawyers). 

Mitt, on the other hand, has no excuse. You're one of the most prominent people in the country right now, everyone knows you've got millions of dollars swimming with the stingrays in the Caribbean, and you're totally tone-deaf about it all. If you're going to stick with this thing, you're really going to learn how to take a joke.